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COPAA 22nd Annual Conference

Mark Your Calendars – COPAA 22nd Annual Conference

March 4-8, 2020 ·Baltimore, Maryland


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Why attend COPAA’s Annual Conference?

“COPAA is not a conference for theorists to discuss what should be, but
for the warriors who will fight battles in the trenches and the generals
who will map strategy, knowing what it is and how to do it. Applied
techniques, tactics, strategy, war stories – it’s all there at COPAA.”~ Wrightslaw, THE SPECIAL ED ADVOCATE, VOL. II, NO. 2, January 8, 1999

Student Rights Initiative (SRI)


Sessions Co-occurring with COPAA’s 22nd Annual conference.

crowd networking at COPAA conferencecrowd networking at COPAA conference

To empower students to protect and exercise their rights, we are launching the fifth annual Student’s Rights Initiative Symposium consisting of 2 1/2 days of training and networking!

When you have a tough case against a school district and need information or advice where do you turn? If you’re like most, you come to the unparalleled peer-to-peer network COPAA.

You will receive absolute top notch education advice, support, and strategy. This conference is typically approved for up to 22.25 CLE credit hours for attending all 4 days of training (see below).

COPAA members work in the trenches every day to assure that IDEA, Section 504, The ADA and other federal and state laws are implemented as intended. We have experienced, time and time again, the full synergistic force of effective IEP teams; where parents and students are equal members, the team works collaboratively, and the resulting individualized program gives the student a real shot at life enrichment as the result of receiving a meaningful, quality education.

The Annual COPAA Conference is your opportunity to learn, face-to-face, effective strategies from the COPAA network. Learn information and approaches to support each student through the spirit and letter of the law to be as independent, self-sufficient, self-advocating as possible; enforcing their civil right to equal opportunity.

This exciting conference sells out because of sessions, events and networking opportunities that rejuvenate your spirit and hone your skills to assure that every child you represent has a chance to learn, to achieve and to contribute, to graduate ready to attend college or pursue a career, and to be a productive and contributing member of his or her community.

2020 Conference Continuing Legal Education

  • Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Continuing Legal Education This activity will be submitted for approx. 22 CLE instruction hours.
  • Illinois MCLE- This course is submitted for approx. 22 Illinois MCLE general credit hours.

Please be sure check your state for reciprocity with one of these states. Certificates of attendance are provided at the conference. You must sign in to each session attended on-site.


Archived information from the 21st Annual ConferenceOpens in New Window – New Orleans, March 8-11,2019

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