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Sexual Harassment

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Functional Behavior Assessments

Parents of students who are demonstrating problematic behaviors in school can request that their local school district conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment (“FBA”) to identify how these behaviors can be remediated in a positive manner. An FBA is an evaluative process for addressing problem behavior. It relies on a...

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Discipline of Special Education Students

The discipline of special education students has caused tremendous confusion within the area of special education law.  Among one of the most litigated issues in special education, the law regarding discipline has recently undergone many changes. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) places specific requirements on school districts...

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Summer and Special Needs: How to find the Right Fit?

Finding a summer program for child with special needs can be challenging. Not all children qualify for Extended School Year (“ESY”) services and, even those students who do qualify, the ESY programs are generally only a portion of the summer. Here are some general questions that should be considered...

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Extended School Year Services for Post-21 years of Age

Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Education issued an updated Basic Education Circular (“BEC”) regarding Extended School Year Services (“ESY”) that provides guidance to School Districts and Parents about the interpretation of the state regulations that govern students.  Prior to release of this updated ESY BEC, there was no clear...

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Visual Impairment

When thinking about our children’s vision, we often rely on our school nurse to alert us when our child is failing a visual acuity or color blindness test. However, visual impairments can involve a variety of other issues such as tracking, processing, and convergence which are not assessed by...

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A List of Supports That Can Benefit Children with Visual Impairments

Visual impairments affect many students and can involve a variety of other issues such as tracking, processing, and convergence. These issues can significantly impact children throughout their school day. Visual impairment is an eligibility category under IDEA and, in May 2017, the Office for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services...

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