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Sue W.

When we needed legal advice in the area of special education for our daughter, we were told to contact Jennifer Bradley.  We are so happy that we took that advice.  Jennifer Bradley was terrific.  She was able to tell us just what to do when we met with school officials who did not want to help our daughter, who did not want to provide the education they promised, and who tried to pass bogus test results as accurate assessments.  Jennifer arranged for the proper, unbiased, and extensive testing our daughter needed to prove our school district was not providing a proper education.  Jennifer gave us the knowledge we needed to stand up against the special education department and the high school administration.  Because of Jennifer’s efforts and help, we were able to get our daughter transferred to the school we wanted her to attend, a school equipped to handle children with ADHD issues.  Her whole school experience changed, her grades improved and best of all she felt that she was not the dummy her former school told her she was.  So,  THANK YOU Jennifer Bradley